Australian Championships 2022

Southport, Queensland
16th to 18th April 2022

Dream Team

Organised by John Hamilton

Dream Team - Player Data

Dream Team Standings and Lists

That time of year again. Pick a team of 6 players at the nationals and the best team wins. I'm offering a $50 cash prize to the winner. Rules for this years comp are:

1) You must pick 6 players for the competition, 3 from each division

2) The total rating of your team must be no more than 7800 (average of 1300 per player). This number is calculated by averaging the average ratings in the Championship and Plate (1573 and 1028 respectively)

3) You may not pick more than 1 person from any state or territory. Overseas players are grouped as their own state. Note there are no WA participants this year.

4) One team per person. Teams must be submitted by 8pm AEST Friday 15th April. You are welcome to change your team after selection as many times as you wish up until the 8pm deadline on Friday. Entries can be sent to me via return email (preferred), text to 0400 650 349 or facebook messenger

5) In the event of someone in your team not showing up on the day or switching divisions, you will need to select a replacement by the beginning of round 5 of the competition. If you do not select a replacement, an automatic selection of the highest rated eligible player for your team will be made for you.

6) I'll try and provide updates at lunch and after each days play.

7) An up to date list of entries and their ratings can be found at the following link:


8) A list of all teams will be provided after the deadline.

9) You are welcome to select yourself in your own team but not obligated to do so.

John Hamilton
email: jjhamilton5@gmail.com