Australian Championships 2022

Southport, Queensland
16th to 18th April 2022

Tournament Director - Phillip Hamilton

ENTRIES - Plate Section by Rating

Plate Section - Players under 1300 rating

Players who achieve a 1300 rating after 16 October 2021 can elect to play in the Championship Section
Please email paulrrichards7@gmail.com if you wish to play in the Championship Section

Name (46 Entries) State/ Country ASPA Rating
Olga Visser Queensland 1278
Peter Bauer Victoria 1269
Natalie Tadday New South Wales 1261
Francoise Finlayson South Australia 1256
Jan Hill Tasmania 1254
Glenys Logan Queensland 1250
Khwanjai Thammaping Victoria 1233
Kerry Reimers Queensland 1211
Ian Hoffman Queensland 1201
Yvette Copley Queensland 1198
Karen Woodhead Queensland 1191
Roslyn Murphy New South Wales 1187
Steven Savona New South Wales 1181
Tim Walton Queensland 1164
Margaret Bishop Tasmania 1158
Sharon Sorensen New South Wales 1151
Jenny Schafer Queensland 1148
Siva Sivapalasundram Victoria 1139
Anne Hough New South Wales 1119
Sunny Wright New South Wales 1113
Lynne Jarvis Tasmania 1107
Owen Randall Australian Capital Territory1089
Dorothy Fields New South Wales 1082
Ted De Boer Queensland 1078
Rene Chelton New South Wales 1077
Jeanette Hansen Queensland 1060
Patricia Schuberg New South Wales 1047
Arlene Williams Australian Capital Territory1041
Patti Ashwin Queensland 1037
KC Johnson Queensland 1021
Greg Hopson New South Wales 1019
Kara Eddington New South Wales 1003
Liz Catchpole Queensland 926
David Eddington New South Wales 922
Terry Horan Australian Capital Territory890
Diana McManus Queensland 878
Liz Jackman New South Wales 801
Gaile Clark Queensland 787
Ashwin Page(Youth) Queensland 743
Margaret Inglis Queensland 734
Sandra Woolard Queensland 722
Mary Wilmott Queensland 685
Vinh Nguyen (Youth) New South Wales 668
Judy Mason Queensland 622
Roland Page (Reserve) Queensland 584
Raymond Tri (Youth) New South Wales 550
Name State/ Country ASPA Rating