Announcement from Tony Hunt - CASPA National Youth Coordinator

I would like to announce the following prizes and supports to Australian youth Scrabble players for the upcoming Australian National Scrabble Championship to be held over the Easter long weekend at Southport, Queensland.

Firstly, I'd like to thank the supporters of youth Scrabble. I won't mention names, as I may miss someone out, but I know that you don't do it for the publicity. You know who you are. You have helped by donating funds, forfeiting prize money and fees, volunteering your time to coach the young players, and helped to provide a supportive environment for our young players.


The Australian Youth Champion will be the player under the age of 18 that performs best in the Championship Division. This will simply be determined by the number of wins and margin points.
To encourage excellence in the up-and-coming youth, a prize will also be offered for the best placed junior player in the Plate Division. Keep in mind, that all youth players are also eligible to win the other prizes on offer (last year the Plate division was capably won by Alex Lam, who is now eligible to play in the Championship division).



There are conditions attached to eligibility to receive the following supports. These are:
- juniors players must be members of their relevant state or territory Scrabble association;
- to be eligible for support, the junior player must have demonstrated sufficient commitment to the game at tournament level. Therefore, each player must have played at least 50 tournament games (i.e. they must not be provisionally rated)
- it is expected that each junior player that receives support enters the tournament with the full understanding that they will be expected to play 3 full days of Scrabble. None of us can help it if we get sick mid-tournament, and lets hope it doesn't happen, but it is not reasonable to expect support if there is not the intention to play the whole event.

Also, accepting the support is optional - if you choose to do so - you may elect to decline the funds and be assured that they will be used for future youth support.

* 50% rebate on the entry fee of $160. I.e. you pay $80 and the CASPA Youth Fund will pay $80.
* For each player travelling to Southport from interstate, a subsidy of $250 for the first junior player and $100 for each sibling player to assist with travel and accommodation costs.
* For each player travelling from Brisbane, a subsidy of $100 for the first junior player and $50 for each sibling player to similarly assist with costs.

What to do now:
If you're a youth player, and you're excited about playing in the Australian championship, talk to your parents now and share this information;
Register to play by following this link http://www.youthscrabble.org/Oz_Champs/OZ22/OZ22_Cover.html
If you're a parent or supporter of a promising youth player, encourage them to attend;
Encourage face-to-face play before the event. NSW Juniors have the opportunity to play in a Matchplay Qualifier event as well as an OITOO prior to the National Champs. Check your state calendar for upcoming tournaments.

"History is made by those who show up", a quote from some random senior citizen I met ages ago.

Let's aim to have the best of Aussie youth players present and in form at the upcoming Nats!

Tony Hunt
CASPA National Youth Coordinator
(Council of Australian Scrabble Players Associations)
0417 470167

"As you walk you make the path" - Antonio Machado