Player List for 2019 WESPA Youth Cup

Friday 29th November to Saturday 1st December 2019
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

F means player data form to be submitted; P means player photo (for souvenir booklet) to be submitted
NQ - Each Country has a quota of free entries. NQ means not qualified for free entry.

Name (6 entries) FPCountry (1) CodeNQ WESPA Ratings Name
Amanda Khan FPTrinidad & Tobago TT01 Amanda Khan
Sorraya Singh FPTrinidad & Tobago TT02 Sorraya Singh
Alisha Lakhan FPTrinidad & Tobago TT03 Alisha Lakhan
Yzabelle Morris FPTrinidad & Tobago TT04 Yzabelle Morris
Alisa Alexander FPTrinidad & Tobago TT05 Alisa Alexander
Samantha Khan FPTrinidad & Tobago TT06 Samantha Khan