2011 World Youth Scrabble Championships
Johor Bahru, Malaysia
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Scorecard for Arunan Sethu (Malaysia)

1 lost to Neo Wei Sheng308:489and is placed 74thwith0-181
2 lost to Inshal Shabaz410:429and is placed 67thwith0-200
3 lost to Alex Leckie-Zaharic315:494and is placed 78thwith0-379
4 lost to Shiidheswar Ravich290:388and is placed 80thwith0-477
5 beat Navya Zaveri401:310and is placed 74thwith1-386
6 lost to Kim Rubina324:392and is placed 79thwith1-454
7 beat Timothy Tan394:376and is placed 76thwith2-436
8 pulverised Pang Rickson531:172and is placed 58thwith3-77
9 lost to Joe Leqoalane393:404and is placed 63rdwith3-88
10 lost to Natasha Pratesi272:421and is placed 70thwith3-237
11 was pipped by Nishan Perera341:350and is placed 75thwith3-246
12 lost to Amir Andi-Abdoerrachman346:513and is placed 80thwith3-413
13 lost to Arvinran Rajendran312:455and is placed 82ndwith3-556