2011 World Youth Scrabble Championships
Johor Bahru, Malaysia
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Scorecard for Chang Ching Yet (Malaysia)

1 beat Yeshan Jayasuriya363:340and is placed 38thwith1+23
2 lost to Jamin Dispanya323:443and is placed 56thwith1-97
3 lost to Tanvi Binani331:344and is placed 60thwith1-110
4 lost to Taha ul Huda349:360and is placed 60thwith1-121
5 lost to Natasha Pratesi274:343and is placed 71stwith1-190
6 beat Faraad Moyce342:292and is placed 62ndwith2-140
7 lost to Joe Leqoalane406:462and is placed 67thwith2-196
8 lost to Clarence Tew302:467and is placed 75thwith2-361
9 beat Erica Tablan442:289and is placed 66thwith3-208
10 beat Pranav Rao383:366and is placed 60thwith4-191
11 beat Arvinran Rajendran378:311and is placed 57thwith5-124
12 pipped Harendraraj Mohanraj361:359and is placed 48thwith6-122
13 beat Shiidheswar Ravich397:323and is placed 38thwith7-48
14 lost to Neo Wei Sheng343:384and is placed 45thwith7-89
15 got walloped by Clarence Tew216:442and is placed 56thwith7-315
16 lost to Yash Gandhi275:384and is placed 61stwith7-424
17 lost to Siriwat Suttapintu386:502and is placed 68thwith7-540
18 lost to Prema Maniam325:338and is placed 70thwith7-553
19 pipped Johnston Tan362:360and is placed 67thwith8-551
20 walloped Navya Zaveri516:304and is placed 61stwith9-339
21 beat Shiidheswar Ravich372:328and is placed 55thwith10-295
22 lost to Shrinidhi Prakash306:496and is placed 62ndwith10-485
23 beat Wan Mohd Azril341:266and is placed 55thwith11-410
24 lost to Sasika Jayasuriya294:310and is placed 60thwith11-426