2011 World Youth Scrabble Championships
Johor Bahru, Malaysia
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Scorecard for Kukiat Khunpanitchot (Thailand)

1 lost to Faraad Moyce358:415and is placed 54thwith0-57
2 lost to Anand Bharadwaj353:549and is placed 76thwith0-253
3 pipped Javeria Salman339:338and is placed 68thwith1-252
4 lost to Maree Farlow309:423and is placed 71stwith1-366
5 lost to Prema Maniam338:371and is placed 76thwith1-399
6 beat Harendraraj Mohanraj398:388and is placed 69thwith2-389
7 lost to Erica Tablan300:458and is placed 78thwith2-547
8 lost to Omari Atiba Blake292:360and is placed 81stwith2-615
9 lost to Asad Merchant401:538and is placed 82ndwith2-752
10 lost to Navya Zaveri309:328and is placed 82ndwith2-771
11 pulverised Pang Rickson489:179and is placed 78thwith3-461
12 beat Vikram Ajith436:335and is placed 71stwith4-360
13 lost to Faraad Moyce312:408and is placed 76thwith4-456
14 lost to Norathep Sripasit305:337and is placed 80thwith4-488
15 beat Pranav Rao400:381and is placed 77thwith5-469
16 beat Harendraraj Mohanraj458:358and is placed 70thwith6-369
17 lost to Alex Leckie-Zaharic370:409and is placed 75thwith6-408
18 lost to Natasha Pratesi356:385and is placed 76thwith6-437
19 lost to Arunan Sethu334:406and is placed 78thwith6-509
20 lost to Tim Butcher356:485and is placed 81stwith6-638
21 beat Vikram Ajith439:250and is placed 78thwith7-449
22 beat Navya Zaveri444:364and is placed 74thwith8-369
23 lost to Prema Maniam309:346and is placed 78thwith8-406
24 beat Erica Tablan401:349and is placed 75thwith9-354