2011 World Youth Scrabble Championships
Johor Bahru, Malaysia
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Scorecard for Marvi Delfin (Australia)

1 beat K. Sudharsan Surya456:322and is placed 19thwith1+134
2 lost to Amir Andi-Abdoerrachman356:397and is placed 34thwith1+93
3 lost to Choo Zi Wei305:416and is placed 54thwith1-18
4 beat Pranav Rao421:286and is placed 37thwith2+117
5 beat Tim Butcher401:359and is placed 28thwith3+159
6 pipped Shahzaib Khatri467:460and is placed 24thwith4+166
7 lost to Jayden Kuhne357:394and is placed 33rdwith4+129
8 lost to Sitthichoke Boonsiripan361:455and is placed 44thwith4+35
9 lost to Cheong Yi Hua399:471and is placed 50thwith4-37
10 beat Visarut Ariyakajorn497:431and is placed 45thwith5+29
11 beat Siriwat Suttapintu391:368and is placed 34thwith6+52
12 beat Kim Rubina423:296and is placed 29thwith7+179
13 beat Inshal Shabaz434:342and is placed 21stwith8+271
14 beat Anisha Bandaranaike411:359and is placed 16thwith9+323
15 beat Vinu Wijesekera439:382and is placed 11thwith10+380
16 beat Shaini Wilson421:267and is placed 8thwith11+534
17 lost to Oliver Garner341:512and is placed 12thwith11+363
18 got walloped by Tawan Paepolsiri341:581and is placed 20thwith11+123
19 lost to Choo Zi Wei409:432and is placed 26thwith11+100
20 beat Cheong Yi Hua387:368and is placed 21stwith12+119
21 lost to Javeria Mirza376:389and is placed 27thwith12+106
22 lost to Omari Atiba Blake323:500and is placed 33rdwith12-71
23 beat Muhammad Adham402:371and is placed 28thwith13-40
24 got walloped by Yong Jian Rong256:469and is placed 35thwith13-253