2011 World Youth Scrabble Championships
Johor Bahru, Malaysia
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Scorecard for Neo Wei Sheng (Singapore)

1 beat Arunan Sethu489:308and is placed 11thwith1+181
2 lost to Sompong Phosai383:537and is placed 39thwith1+27
3 lost to Migara Jayasinghe366:431and is placed 55thwith1-38
4 lost to Dylan D'Souza327:480and is placed 67thwith1-191
5 beat Nishan Perera382:330and is placed 58thwith2-139
6 lost to Yash Gandhi343:369and is placed 63rdwith2-165
7 beat Arvinran Rajendran368:339and is placed 55thwith3-136
8 beat Pranav Rao434:327and is placed 46thwith4-29
9 lost to Sanchit Kapoor369:396and is placed 53rdwith4-56
10 beat Maree Farlow375:345and is placed 47thwith5-26
11 beat Joe Leqoalane438:388and is placed 35thwith6+24
12 lost to Vinu Wijesekera386:489and is placed 47thwith6-79
13 lost to Anisha Bandaranaike316:460and is placed 56thwith6-223
14 beat Chang Ching Yet384:343and is placed 47thwith7-182
15 beat Natasha Pratesi458:378and is placed 40thwith8-102
16 beat Talal Amjad363:312and is placed 33rdwith9-51
17 lost to Shiidheswar Ravich363:409and is placed 41stwith9-97
18 lost to Shaini Wilson300:401and is placed 49thwith9-198
19 lost to Hamza Sheikh289:406and is placed 56thwith9-315
20 beat Shiidheswar Ravich460:311and is placed 47thwith10-166
21 lost to Muhammad Adham341:369and is placed 53rdwith10-194
22 beat Pasith Teeka-uttamakorn406:381and is placed 47thwith11-169
23 lost to Shrinidhi Prakash399:478and is placed 54thwith11-248
24 lost to Joe Leqoalane380:401and is placed 59thwith11-269