2011 World Youth Scrabble Championships
Johor Bahru, Malaysia
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Scorecard for Sompong Phosai (Thailand)

1 beat Inshal Shabaz547:375and is placed 12thwith1+172
2 beat Neo Wei Sheng537:383and is placed 4thwith2+326
3 beat Shaini Wilson478:345and is placed 3rdwith3+459
4 lost to Oliver Garner355:401and is placed 11thwith3+413
5 lost to Pasith Teeka-uttamakorn382:394and is placed 20thwith3+401
6 lost to Mohammad Suma347:450and is placed 32ndwith3+298
7 beat Javeria Mirza475:370and is placed 26thwith4+403
8 lost to Jayden Kuhne316:412and is placed 35thwith4+307
9 lost to Yeshan Jayasuriya350:484and is placed 44thwith4+173
10 beat Johnston Tan448:422and is placed 38thwith5+199
11 beat Yong Jian Rong492:400and is placed 27thwith6+291
12 beat Siriwat Suttapintu401:352and is placed 25thwith7+340
13 beat Sanchit Kapoor426:412and is placed 20thwith8+354
14 lost to Mohammad Suma380:443and is placed 28thwith8+291
15 lost to Choo Zi Wei406:432and is placed 33rdwith8+265
16 beat Inshal Shabaz473:351and is placed 23rdwith9+387
17 beat Javeria Salman350:324and is placed 24thwith10+413
18 beat Migara Jayasinghe416:320and is placed 17thwith11+509
19 beat Jayden Kuhne431:386and is placed 12thwith12+554
20 beat Kitty-Jean Laginha393:310and is placed 8thwith13+637
21 lost to Premkumar Nimalan301:413and is placed 13thwith13+525
22 beat Jessica Pratesi419:345and is placed 10thwith14+599
23 beat Jahanzaib Khan426:342and is placed 6thwith15+683
24 lost to Victor Gwee269:362and is placed 10thwith15+590