2011 World Youth Scrabble Championships
Johor Bahru, Malaysia
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Scorecard for William Kang (Malaysia)

1 beat Jahanzaib Khan513:359and is placed 15thwith1+154
2 beat Talal Amjad469:331and is placed 7thwith2+292
3 lost to Oliver Garner337:463and is placed 24thwith2+166
4 beat Shahzaib Khatri482:348and is placed 15thwith3+300
5 was pipped by Kevin Ketagoda402:407and is placed 24thwith3+295
6 beat Siriwat Suttapintu435:276and is placed 18thwith4+454
7 beat Yeshan Jayasuriya457:386and is placed 10thwith5+525
8 was pipped by Mohammad Suma425:428and is placed 16thwith5+522
9 lost to Sinatarn Pattanasuwanna320:432and is placed 26thwith5+410
10 beat Choo Zi Wei430:334and is placed 18thwith6+506
11 lost to Jeremy Khoo414:475and is placed 26thwith6+445
12 beat Jayden Kuhne439:332and is placed 19thwith7+552
13 beat Pasith Teeka-uttamakorn387:355and is placed 15thwith8+584
14 lost to Sitthichoke Boonsiripan349:366and is placed 22ndwith8+567
15 beat Kevin Ketagoda437:418and is placed 16thwith9+586
16 beat Shrinidhi Prakash530:352and is placed 11thwith10+764
17 lost to Yeshan Jayasuriya302:499and is placed 18thwith10+567
18 beat Victor Gwee524:363and is placed 14thwith11+728
19 got walloped by Sinatarn Pattanasuwanna288:519and is placed 20thwith11+497
20 pipped Sitthichoke Boonsiripan378:373and is placed 16thwith12+502
21 lost to Eden Choo383:539and is placed 22ndwith12+346
22 beat Jayden Kuhne380:335and is placed 17thwith13+391
23 lost to Cheong Yi Hua382:512and is placed 23rdwith13+261
24 beat Kitty-Jean Laginha473:357and is placed 18thwith14+377