2011 World Youth Scrabble Championships
Johor Bahru, Malaysia
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Scorecard for Yeshan Jayasuriya (Sri Lanka)

1 lost to Chang Ching Yet340:363and is placed 47thwith0-23
2 beat Asad Merchant485:290and is placed 27thwith1+172
3 walloped Harendraraj Mohanraj530:304and is placed 12thwith2+398
4 lost to Migara Jayasinghe301:452and is placed 34thwith2+247
5 beat Anisha Bandaranaike510:434and is placed 23rdwith3+323
6 beat Jayden Kuhne376:356and is placed 20thwith4+343
7 lost to William Kang386:457and is placed 28thwith4+272
8 was pipped by Choo Zi Wei379:387and is placed 36thwith4+264
9 beat Sompong Phosai484:350and is placed 27thwith5+398
10 pipped Sasika Jayasuriya411:407and is placed 21stwith6+402
11 beat Jack Durand390:330and is placed 16thwith7+462
12 beat Migara Jayasinghe504:338and is placed 11thwith8+628
13 beat Cheong Yi Wei483:346and is placed 7thwith9+765
14 lost to Cheong Yi Hua375:433and is placed 11thwith9+707
15 lost to Eden Choo400:427and is placed 15thwith9+680
16 lost to Victor Gwee399:482and is placed 21stwith9+597
17 beat William Kang499:302and is placed 17thwith10+794
18 beat Nathallie Cabaluna491:300and is placed 11thwith11+985
19 was pipped by Eden Choo467:474and is placed 18thwith11+978
20 beat Javeria Mirza394:369and is placed 13thwith12+1003
21 beat Kitty-Jean Laginha451:332and is placed 9thwith13+1122
22 beat Sinatarn Pattanasuwanna473:414and is placed 6thwith14+1181
23 beat Victor Gwee398:326and is placed 5thwith15+1253
24 beat Michael McKenna452:425and is placed 4thwith16+1280