2012 World Youth Scrabble Championships
Birmingham, United Kingdom
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Scorecard for Hayati Rassool (Sri Lanka)

1 beat Threerut Yangkon441:307and is placed 14th with1+134
2 lost to Yasiru Fernando343:357and is placed 22nd with1+120
3 beat Natasha Pratesi446:300and is placed 14th with2+266
4 lost to Sompong Phosai274:351and is placed 26th with2+189
5 lost to Brad Robbins349:478and is placed 35th with2+60
6 lost to Sumbul Siddiqui342:384and is placed 40th with2+18
7 lost to Cheong Yi Hua319:392and is placed 47th with2-55
8 pulverised Oluwadimimu Olayanju549:116and is placed 38th with3+378
9 walloped Oluwadara Olayanju468:236and is placed 33rd with4+610
10 lost to Maree Farlow354:384and is placed 40th with4+580
11 beat Natasha Pratesi496:427and is placed 33rd with5+649
12 pipped Shrinidhi Prakash347:343and is placed 25th with6+653
13 lost to Siriwat Sutthapintu387:482and is placed 32nd with6+558
14 lost to Poh Ying Ming257:406and is placed 39th with6+409
15 pipped Naravit Nathapukdi348:339and is placed 33rd with7+418
16 lost to Visarut Ariyakajorn379:421and is placed 37th with7+376
17 lost to Arham Abidi330:382and is placed 43rd with7+324
18 beat Tobi Fasuyi413:287and is placed 37th with8+450
19 beat Natasha Pratesi428:341and is placed 33rd with9+537
20 lost to Eden Choo298:415and is placed 40th with9+420
21 lost to Poh Ying Ming310:475and is placed 43rd with9+255
22 beat Pese Alo467:303and is placed 38th with10+419
23 got walloped by Amir Andi-Abdoerrachman292:495and is placed 42nd with10+216
24 lost to Marvi Delfin368:397and is placed 45th with10+187

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