2012 World Youth Scrabble Championships
Birmingham, United Kingdom
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Scorecard for Jack Durand (United Kingdom)

1 beat Sanchit Kapoor399:373and is placed 25th with1+26
2 lost to Javeria Salman289:442and is placed 39th with1-127
3 pulverised Alice Durand542:228and is placed 19th with2+187
4 pulverised Oluwadimimu Olayanju515:255and is placed 10th with3+447
5 lost to Jessica Pratesi325:359and is placed 16th with3+413
6 beat Muhammad Khan424:282and is placed 10th with4+555
7 beat Brad Robbins446:265and is placed 5th with5+736
8 tied with Eden Choo441:441and is placed 10th with5.5+736
9 beat Michael McKenna454:382and is placed 9th with6.5+808
10 lost to William Kang406:446and is placed 12th with6.5+768
11 was pipped by Sompong Phosai427:431and is placed 18th with6.5+764
12 beat Ransimala Weerasooriya391:337and is placed 14th with7.5+818
13 lost to Javeria Salman286:432and is placed 18th with7.5+672
14 got walloped by Sinatarn Pattanasuwanna301:501and is placed 26th with7.5+472
15 beat Matthew Wong Sang409:295and is placed 19th with8.5+586
16 lost to Amir Andi-Abdoerrachman375:445and is placed 25th with8.5+516
17 beat Joe Knapper438:297and is placed 21st with9.5+657
18 lost to Visarut Ariyakajorn298:438and is placed 27th with9.5+517
19 beat Poh Ying Ming356:344and is placed 21st with10.5+529
20 pipped Migara Jayasinghe389:380and is placed 17th with11.5+538
21 lost to Joe Knapper368:388and is placed 19th with11.5+518
22 lost to Yash Gandhi349:424and is placed 26th with11.5+443
23 beat Naravit Nathapukdi419:376and is placed 21st with12.5+486
24 lost to Muhammad Shahbaz290:407and is placed 27th with12.5+369

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