2012 World Youth Scrabble Championships
Birmingham, United Kingdom
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Scorecard for Javeria Salman (Pakistan)

1 beat Poh Ying Ming438:415and is placed 26th with1+23
2 beat Jack Durand442:289and is placed 12th with2+176
3 beat Joe Knapper442:306and is placed 6th with3+312
4 beat Marvi Delfin420:380and is placed 4th with4+352
5 beat Amir Andi-Abdoerrachman379:357and is placed 3rd with5+374
6 lost to Tim Bryant340:447and is placed 6th with5+267
7 was pulverised by Michael McKenna300:561and is placed 16th with5+6
8 lost to William Kang343:480and is placed 23rd with5-131
9 got walloped by Yasiru Fernando324:526and is placed 29th with5-333
10 pipped Naravit Nathapukdi404:400and is placed 23rd with6-329
11 beat Eden Choo406:382and is placed 17th with7-305
12 pipped Threerut Yangkon384:382and is placed 13th with8-303
13 beat Jack Durand432:286and is placed 9th with9-157
14 beat Tim Bryant369:357and is placed 6th with10-145
15 lost to Tawan Paepolsiri320:449and is placed 10th with10-274
16 lost to William Kang362:473and is placed 15th with10-385
17 beat Ransimala Weerasooriya469:290and is placed 8th with11-206
18 lost to Tim Bryant351:375and is placed 14th with11-230
19 lost to Tawan Paepolsiri356:422and is placed 19th with11-296
20 beat Brad Robbins487:377and is placed 16th with12-186
21 walloped Yash Gandhi550:301and is placed 13th with13+63
22 lost to Visarut Ariyakajorn361:439and is placed 13th with13-15
23 lost to Ransimala Weerasooriya371:438and is placed 18th with13-82
24 beat Javeria Arshad Mirza375:352and is placed 14th with14-59

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