2012 World Youth Scrabble Championships
Birmingham, United Kingdom
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Scorecard for Jessica Pratesi (United Kingdom)

1 lost to Tim Bryant405:434and is placed 37th with0-29
2 beat Cheong Yi Wei454:394and is placed 29th with1+31
3 beat Poh Ying Ming435:288and is placed 20th with2+178
4 beat Natasha Pratesi408:352and is placed 18th with3+234
5 beat Jack Durand359:325and is placed 11th with4+268
6 was pipped by Muhammad Shahbaz374:376and is placed 16th with4+266
7 beat Lambhotharan Yoganathan490:300and is placed 9th with5+456
8 beat Amir Andi-Abdoerrachman497:321and is placed 5th with6+632
9 beat Nuttapong Pholthip483:308and is placed 3rd with7+807
10 lost to Javeria Arshad Mirza326:445and is placed 5th with7+688
11 lost to Tawan Paepolsiri356:372and is placed 9th with7+672
12 beat Sinatarn Pattanasuwanna392:377and is placed 6th with8+687
13 lost to Yeshan Jayasuriya378:453and is placed 11th with8+612
14 was pipped by Michael McKenna404:409and is placed 15th with8+607
15 walloped Omari Atiba Blake549:330and is placed 12th with9+826
16 beat Marvi Delfin538:367and is placed 7th with10+997
17 beat Yasiru Fernando468:325and is placed 5th with11+1140
18 lost to Tawan Paepolsiri346:421and is placed 7th with11+1065
19 beat Tim Bryant456:385and is placed 5th with12+1136
20 beat Navya Zaveri440:337and is placed 5th with13+1239
21 tied with Michael McKenna389:389and is placed 7th with13.5+1239
22 beat Cheong Yi Wei443:339and is placed 6th with14.5+1343
23 lost to William Kang383:396and is placed 8th with14.5+1330
24 lost to Yasiru Fernando387:536and is placed 9th with14.5+1181

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