2012 World Youth Scrabble Championships
Birmingham, United Kingdom
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Scorecard for Marvi Delfin (Australia)

1 pipped Sompong Phosai409:401and is placed 30th with1+8
2 beat Maree Farlow505:306and is placed 11th with2+207
3 pulverised Kiran Pal584:255and is placed 1st with3+536
4 lost to Javeria Salman380:420and is placed 8th with3+496
5 lost to Michael McKenna403:467and is placed 14th with3+432
6 tied with Naravit Nathapukdi404:404and is placed 23rd with3.5+432
7 lost to Migara Jayasinghe387:445and is placed 30th with3.5+374
8 was pipped by Yeshan Jayasuriya381:382and is placed 37th with3.5+373
9 beat Visarut Ariyakajorn443:357and is placed 32nd with4.5+459
10 beat Zara Ali390:300and is placed 25th with5.5+549
11 lost to Migara Jayasinghe371:425and is placed 32nd with5.5+495
12 beat Poh Ying Ming349:330and is placed 24th with6.5+514
13 beat Eden Choo447:390and is placed 19th with7.5+571
14 beat Threerut Yangkon500:315and is placed 13th with8.5+756
15 beat Amir Andi-Abdoerrachman470:379and is placed 11th with9.5+847
16 lost to Jessica Pratesi367:538and is placed 16th with9.5+676
17 beat Navya Zaveri382:353and is placed 9th with10.5+705
18 lost to Sinatarn Pattanasuwanna381:403and is placed 15th with10.5+683
19 lost to Navya Zaveri280:433and is placed 20th with10.5+530
20 lost to Sompong Phosai416:433and is placed 23rd with10.5+513
21 lost to Mariam Arif367:437and is placed 33rd with10.5+443
22 lost to Shrinidhi Prakash367:408and is placed 35th with10.5+402
23 was pipped by Nuttapong Pholthip405:412and is placed 41st with10.5+395
24 beat Hayati Rassool397:368and is placed 35th with11.5+424

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