2012 World Youth Scrabble Championships
Birmingham, United Kingdom
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Scorecard for Mofe Lawal (Nigeria)

1 lost to Rangi Collins255:415and is placed 50th with0-160
2 got walloped by Brad Robbins230:430and is placed 57th with0-360
3 was pulverised by Muhammad Khan249:580and is placed 59th with0-691
4 was pulverised by Kukiat Khunpanitchot201:559and is placed 60th with0-1049
5 beat Shiksha Rout357:284and is placed 57th with1-976
6 beat Kiran Pal333:240and is placed 50th with2-883
7 beat Chibudom Ihejirika391:299and is placed 44th with3-791
8 lost to Zara Ali307:375and is placed 48th with3-859
9 lost to Poh Ying Ming226:348and is placed 53rd with3-981
10 beat Tobi Fasuyi386:245and is placed 48th with4-840
11 lost to Chibudom Ihejirika240:408and is placed 52nd with4-1008
12 lost to Rangi Collins313:383and is placed 55th with4-1078
13 beat Kiran Pal373:214and is placed 50th with5-919
14 beat Oluwadara Olayanju217:181and is placed 46th with6-883
15 beat Oluwadimimu Olayanju357:251and is placed 41st with7-777
16 lost to Maree Farlow253:300and is placed 43rd with7-824
17 lost to Mariam Arif314:326and is placed 47th with7-836
18 lost to Chibudom Ihejirika246:315and is placed 52nd with7-905
19 got walloped by Threerut Yangkon186:425and is placed 53rd with7-1144
20 lost to Kenorian Smith244:416and is placed 54th with7-1316
21 lost to Zara Ali315:401and is placed 56th with7-1402
22 and is placed 56th with7.5-1402
23 beat Ben Sloan331:199and is placed 56th with8.5-1270
24 beat Shiksha Rout258:193and is placed 54th with9.5-1205

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