2012 World Youth Scrabble Championships
Birmingham, United Kingdom
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Scorecard for Oluwadara Olayanju (Nigeria)

1 was pulverised by Kenorian Smith272:535and is placed 56th with0-263
2 lost to Zara Ali289:336and is placed 55th with0-310
3 lost to Oluwadimimu Olayanju264:306and is placed 53rd with0-352
4 lost to Tobi Fasuyi262:291and is placed 54th with0-381
5 lost to Kiran Pal271:308and is placed 58th with0-418
6 was pipped by Shiksha Rout293:301and is placed 60th with0-426
7 beat Ben Sloan358:240and is placed 55th with1-308
8 lost to Poh Ying Ming297:493and is placed 58th with1-504
9 got walloped by Hayati Rassool236:468and is placed 58th with1-736
10 got walloped by Shrinidhi Prakash228:431and is placed 58th with1-939
11 lost to Oluwadimimu Olayanju252:421and is placed 59th with1-1108
12 beat Shiksha Rout325:302and is placed 58th with2-1085
13 beat Ben Sloan189:171and is placed 58th with3-1067
14 lost to Mofe Lawal181:217and is placed 58th with3-1103
15 lost to Josh Irvine267:347and is placed 58th with3-1183
16 lost to Tobi Fasuyi262:293and is placed 58th with3-1214
17 and is placed 58th with3.5-1214
18 lost to Oluwadimimu Olayanju268:426and is placed 58th with3.5-1372
19 pipped Shiksha Rout271:264and is placed 58th with4.5-1365
20 beat Ben Sloan303:208and is placed 58th with5.5-1270
21 lost to Kiran Pal287:322and is placed 58th with5.5-1305
22 and is placed 58th with6-1305
23 lost to Zara Ali271:313and is placed 58th with6-1347
24 lost to Alice Durand287:339and is placed 58th with6-1399

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