2012 World Youth Scrabble Championships
Birmingham, United Kingdom
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Scorecard for Oluwadimimu Olayanju (Nigeria)

1 was pulverised by Muhammad Shahbaz237:575and is placed 59th with0-338
2 beat Shiksha Rout400:224and is placed 41st with1-162
3 beat Oluwadara Olayanju306:264and is placed 33rd with2-120
4 was pulverised by Jack Durand255:515and is placed 40th with2-380
5 got walloped by Yeshan Jayasuriya170:415and is placed 47th with2-625
6 beat Alice Durand328:302and is placed 39th with3-599
7 got walloped by Poh Ying Ming225:427and is placed 45th with3-801
8 was pulverised by Hayati Rassool116:549and is placed 49th with3-1234
9 was pipped by Zara Ali355:364and is placed 54th with3-1243
10 lost to Natasha Pratesi202:357and is placed 57th with3-1398
11 beat Oluwadara Olayanju421:252and is placed 53rd with4-1229
12 beat Ben Sloan277:260and is placed 48th with5-1212
13 was pulverised by Visarut Ariyakajorn203:587and is placed 52nd with5-1596
14 lost to Zara Ali325:338and is placed 54th with5-1609
15 lost to Mofe Lawal251:357and is placed 55th with5-1715
16 lost to Kiran Pal218:379and is placed 57th with5-1876
17 and is placed 57th with5.5-1876
18 beat Oluwadara Olayanju426:268and is placed 56th with6.5-1718
19 beat Ben Sloan358:255and is placed 52nd with7.5-1615
20 walloped Shiksha Rout440:222and is placed 49th with8.5-1397
21 lost to Meagan Thorpe251:403and is placed 52nd with8.5-1549
22 and is placed 53rd with9-1549
23 lost to Ronnie Bennett302:312and is placed 55th with9-1559
24 lost to Chibudom Ihejirika331:350and is placed 57th with9-1578

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