2012 World Youth Scrabble Championships
Birmingham, United Kingdom
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Scorecard for Poh Ying Ming (Singapore)

1 lost to Javeria Salman415:438and is placed 35th with0-23
2 lost to Sanchit Kapoor306:419and is placed 47th with0-136
3 lost to Jessica Pratesi288:435and is placed 51st with0-283
4 pulverised Kiran Pal495:205and is placed 42nd with1+7
5 lost to Meagan Thorpe332:387and is placed 48th with1-48
6 lost to Yeshan Jayasuriya353:373and is placed 51st with1-68
7 walloped Oluwadimimu Olayanju427:225and is placed 46th with2+134
8 beat Oluwadara Olayanju493:297and is placed 39th with3+330
9 beat Mofe Lawal348:226and is placed 34th with4+452
10 beat Arham Abidi436:387and is placed 27th with5+501
11 beat Siriwat Sutthapintu342:288and is placed 20th with6+555
12 lost to Marvi Delfin330:349and is placed 26th with6+536
13 beat Migara Jayasinghe438:310and is placed 20th with7+664
14 beat Hayati Rassool406:257and is placed 14th with8+813
15 lost to Muhammad Khan315:409and is placed 20th with8+719
16 lost to Navya Zaveri340:421and is placed 26th with8+638
17 beat Yash Gandhi426:386and is placed 23rd with9+678
18 lost to Cheong Yi Hua362:392and is placed 28th with9+648
19 lost to Jack Durand344:356and is placed 32nd with9+636
20 beat Nuttapong Pholthip386:336and is placed 25th with10+686
21 beat Hayati Rassool475:310and is placed 21st with11+851
22 lost to Joe Knapper312:416and is placed 27th with11+747
23 lost to Shrinidhi Prakash346:360and is placed 33rd with11+733
24 beat Natasha Pratesi344:276and is placed 28th with12+801

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