2012 World Youth Scrabble Championships
Birmingham, United Kingdom
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Scorecard for Shiksha Rout (United Arab Emirates)

1 was pulverised by Yeshan Jayasuriya176:597and is placed 60th with0-421
2 lost to Oluwadimimu Olayanju224:400and is placed 60th with0-597
3 got walloped by Josh Irvine201:401and is placed 60th with0-797
4 lost to Ben Sloan259:339and is placed 59th with0-877
5 lost to Mofe Lawal284:357and is placed 60th with0-950
6 pipped Oluwadara Olayanju301:293and is placed 59th with1-942
7 lost to Kiran Pal197:300and is placed 60th with1-1045
8 lost to Chibudom Ihejirika260:310and is placed 60th with1-1095
9 lost to Ronnie Bennett232:377and is placed 60th with1-1240
10 lost to Alice Durand199:394and is placed 60th with1-1435
11 lost to Ben Sloan258:301and is placed 60th with1-1478
12 lost to Oluwadara Olayanju302:325and is placed 60th with1-1501
13 pipped Tobi Fasuyi278:274and is placed 60th with2-1497
14 and is placed 59th with2.5-1497
15 lost to Alice Durand220:348and is placed 59th with2.5-1625
16 lost to Ronnie Bennett308:326and is placed 59th with2.5-1643
17 lost to Tobi Fasuyi191:329and is placed 60th with2.5-1781
18 beat Ben Sloan321:291and is placed 59th with3.5-1751
19 was pipped by Oluwadara Olayanju264:271and is placed 59th with3.5-1758
20 got walloped by Oluwadimimu Olayanju222:440and is placed 59th with3.5-1976
21 lost to Ronnie Bennett342:430and is placed 59th with3.5-2064
22 and is placed 59th with4-2064
23 lost to Alice Durand243:356and is placed 59th with4-2177
24 lost to Mofe Lawal193:258and is placed 59th with4-2242

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