2012 World Youth Scrabble Championships
Birmingham, United Kingdom
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Scorecard for Threerut Yangkon (Thailand)

1 lost to Hayati Rassool307:441and is placed 47th with0-134
2 lost to Muhammad Khan307:428and is placed 53rd with0-255
3 got walloped by Brad Robbins289:509and is placed 55th with0-475
4 lost to Matthew Wong Sang367:380and is placed 56th with0-488
5 beat Chibudom Ihejirika401:284and is placed 52nd with1-371
6 beat Pese Alo378:336and is placed 47th with2-329
7 beat Ronnie Bennett389:273and is placed 38th with3-213
8 beat Sumbul Siddiqui429:335and is placed 32nd with4-119
9 walloped Kukiat Khunpanitchot448:240and is placed 24th with5+89
10 beat Sasika Jayasuriya393:345and is placed 21st with6+137
11 beat Matthew Wong Sang411:357and is placed 15th with7+191
12 was pipped by Javeria Salman382:384and is placed 21st with7+189
13 lost to Ransimala Weerasooriya378:406and is placed 27th with7+161
14 lost to Marvi Delfin315:500and is placed 31st with7-24
15 got walloped by Sasika Jayasuriya278:479and is placed 38th with7-225
16 lost to Rangi Collins374:392and is placed 41st with7-243
17 lost to Lambhotharan Yoganathan310:377and is placed 44th with7-310
18 beat Kenorian Smith389:347and is placed 41st with8-268
19 walloped Mofe Lawal425:186and is placed 36th with9-29
20 lost to Amir Andi-Abdoerrachman334:494and is placed 43rd with9-189
21 lost to Lambhotharan Yoganathan329:415and is placed 46th with9-275
22 beat Matthew Wong Sang385:349and is placed 43rd with10-239
23 lost to Kukiat Khunpanitchot305:321and is placed 44th with10-255
24 lost to Sumbul Siddiqui348:372and is placed 46th with10-279

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