2014 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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Scorecard for Amna Cassim (Qatar)

1 lost to Ayshwarya Yapa275:445and is placed 98th with0-170
2 got walloped by Samrath Singh Bhatia245:457and is placed 109th with0-382
3 beat Nathan Wijayaratne366:226and is placed 93rd with1-242
4 got walloped by Jithmal Wijesinghe260:504and is placed 104th with1-486
5 lost to Sundaresh Sundaragop274:358and is placed 108th with1-570
6 beat Amirul H Saharuddin376:262and is placed 98th with2-456
7 was pulverised by Danial Faris180:459and is placed 104th with2-735
8 lost to Krtin Juneja250:406and is placed 112th with2-891
9 lost to Nisalyaa Samarajeewa318:393and is placed 114th with2-966
10 beat Mohammed Akmal Akram325:280and is placed 108th with3-921
11 beat Afrah Ousmand357:302and is placed 100th with4-866
12 beat Matheesa de Silva322:270and is placed 93rd with5-814
13 was pulverised by Rohan Kapur171:491and is placed 101st with5-1134
14 pipped Nethara Waduge279:276and is placed 93rd with6-1131
15 was pulverised by Vraj Jain234:510and is placed 102nd with6-1407
16 lost to Muhd Arif Akasyah293:312and is placed 104th with6-1426
17 lost to Clintia Simon270:397and is placed 112th with6-1553
18 lost to Muhamad Aqil282:413and is placed 113th with6-1684
19 beat Nethara Waduge250:221and is placed 110th with7-1655
20 lost to Matheesa de Silva242:309and is placed 111th with7-1722
21 lost to Yunus Ismail232:361and is placed 115th with7-1851
22 beat Mohammed Akmal Akram414:241and is placed 109th with8-1678
23 got walloped by Rohan Kapur160:407and is placed 113th with8-1925
24 lost to Hasini Perara256:364and is placed 116th with8-2033

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