2014 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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Scorecard for Chukiat Kamsopa (Thailand)

1 pulverised Vimukthi Ashen527:211and is placed 10th with1+316
2 lost to Danusha Muhandiramge386:416and is placed 37th with1+286
3 beat Abhijit Pradhan358:337and is placed 28th with2+307
4 beat Nitya Chagti490:371and is placed 18th with3+426
5 lost to Venkataraman Sridev409:446and is placed 32nd with3+389
6 beat Leon Tan Zheng Han473:367and is placed 21st with4+495
7 lost to Poh Ying Ming374:446and is placed 40th with4+423
8 lost to Hathaiphat Supa307:416and is placed 53rd with4+314
9 lost to Siriwat Suttapintu384:480and is placed 67th with4+218
10 lost to Nicha Chiangkhrua371:428and is placed 76th with4+161
11 pipped Vraj Jain378:373and is placed 68th with5+166
12 lost to Hasham Hadi Khan372:451and is placed 76th with5+87
13 beat Anush Singh Arvind480:392and is placed 66th with6+175
14 walloped Sophia Mohammed492:260and is placed 53rd with7+407
15 beat Rohan Kapur482:339and is placed 42nd with8+550
16 beat Samrath Singh Bhatia446:392and is placed 36th with9+604
17 lost to Neeraparng Laohavira319:454and is placed 46th with9+469
18 lost to Hathaiphat Supa360:408and is placed 54th with9+421
19 beat Vraj Jain407:384and is placed 47th with10+444
20 beat Nicha Chiangkhrua455:341and is placed 40th with11+558
21 lost to Samrath Singh Bhatia272:454and is placed 48th with11+376
22 beat Hansi Weerasooriya431:369and is placed 40th with12+438
23 was pipped by Radinka Dissanayake430:434and is placed 47th with12+434
24 beat Muhammad Ridhwan489:350and is placed 38th with13+573

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