2014 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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Scorecard for Hasham Hadi Khan (Pakistan)

1 lost to Yong Jian Rong353:461and is placed 84th with0-108
2 lost to Aditya Iyengar312:407and is placed 96th with0-203
3 pulverised Nethara Waduge538:238and is placed 69th with1+97
4 lost to Prateek Wadhavkar285:350and is placed 80th with1+32
5 beat Affan Shahzad450:397and is placed 68th with2+85
6 beat Thavalakshman Yogan552:356and is placed 53rd with3+281
7 lost to Vraj Jain389:425and is placed 62nd with3+245
8 lost to Tim Mason352:415and is placed 76th with3+182
9 beat Shakeel Akash Amath376:335and is placed 66th with4+223
10 lost to Supitchaya Tantisiri363:402and is placed 75th with4+184
11 lost to Thavalakshman Yogan348:372and is placed 86th with4+160
12 beat Chukiat Kamsopa451:372and is placed 73rd with5+239
13 lost to Leon Tan Zheng Han355:411and is placed 86th with5+183
14 beat Clintia Simon400:339and is placed 75th with6+244
15 walloped Muhd Arif Akasyah493:282and is placed 63rd with7+455
16 beat Wan Muhammad Akid463:372and is placed 52nd with8+546
17 lost to Siriwat Suttapintu347:466and is placed 64th with8+427
18 lost to Naravit Nathapukdi388:447and is placed 73rd with8+368
19 beat Akiff Faleel410:351and is placed 63rd with9+427
20 lost to Jithmal Wijesinghe365:429and is placed 73rd with9+363
21 lost to Vraj Jain334:397and is placed 86th with9+300
22 beat Nikesh Vinayagamoort417:316and is placed 73rd with10+401
23 lost to Minuki Satharasinghe353:393and is placed 81st with10+361
24 walloped Muhd Alif Iman478:233and is placed 72nd with11+606

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