2014 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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Scorecard for Hasini Perara (Qatar)

1 was pulverised by Janidu Karunaratne205:654and is placed 118th with0-449
2 was pulverised by Venkataraman Sridev234:537and is placed 118th with0-752
3 beat Yunus Ismail421:329and is placed 100th with1-660
4 beat Zeena Lye390:241and is placed 77th with2-511
5 beat Sahel Infas317:300and is placed 62nd with3-494
6 was pulverised by Abhijit Pradhan196:521and is placed 74th with3-819
7 lost to Nitya Chagti272:464and is placed 90th with3-1011
8 lost to Muhd Arif Akasyah354:385and is placed 100th with3-1042
9 beat Vimukthi Ashen351:267and is placed 87th with4-958
10 lost to Danusha Muhandiramge324:438and is placed 96th with4-1072
11 lost to Sophia Mohammed243:426and is placed 103rd with4-1255
12 lost to Nethara Waduge332:373and is placed 109th with4-1296
13 lost to Clintia Simon302:371and is placed 113th with4-1365
14 beat Amirul H Saharuddin387:222and is placed 107th with5-1200
15 beat Imadith Egodawaththe320:131and is placed 97th with6-1011
16 beat Matheesa de Silva281:232and is placed 91st with7-962
17 was pulverised by Nikesh Vinayagamoort260:517and is placed 97th with7-1219
18 beat Yunus Ismail375:285and is placed 88th with8-1129
19 beat Nisalyaa Samarajeewa381:343and is placed 81st with9-1091
20 lost to Muhd Alif Iman301:334and is placed 87th with9-1124
21 was pulverised by Adhlan Marikar200:517and is placed 95th with9-1441
22 was pulverised by Abbas Shabbir153:530and is placed 102nd with9-1818
23 lost to Dulmini Weerarathne354:383and is placed 107th with9-1847
24 beat Amna Cassim364:256and is placed 102nd with10-1739

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