2014 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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Scorecard for Hassan Hadi Khan (Pakistan)

1 beat Christopher Thomas422:363and is placed 48th with1+59
2 beat Aum Biyani432:367and is placed 31st with2+124
3 beat Ronnie Bennett459:348and is placed 15th with3+235
4 beat Nikesh Vinayagamoort436:287and is placed 7th with4+384
5 lost to Nelaka Samarawickram333:446and is placed 21st with4+271
6 lost to Migara Jayasinghe391:408and is placed 34th with4+254
7 lost to Lambhotharan Yogan317:428and is placed 50th with4+143
8 beat Ruvindu Chandradasa439:348and is placed 33rd with5+234
9 lost to Sasika Jayasuriya308:381and is placed 49th with5+161
10 beat Ruvindu Chandradasa431:418and is placed 40th with6+174
11 lost to Elvan Yeoh Yan Shin375:438and is placed 50th with6+111
12 beat Alissa Noel428:397and is placed 43rd with7+142
13 beat Mohamed Aabid Ismail401:349and is placed 35th with8+194
14 beat Thirandi de Silva458:442and is placed 27th with9+210
15 pulverised Adhlan Marikar578:316and is placed 17th with10+472
16 lost to Arham Abidi318:481and is placed 26th with10+309
17 lost to Nelaka Samarawickram318:439and is placed 37th with10+188
18 lost to Nuti Suri410:422and is placed 46th with10+176
19 beat Rivi Wijesekera421:347and is placed 36th with11+250
20 beat Absar Mustajab429:352and is placed 28th with12+327
21 beat Hathaiphat Supa464:402and is placed 24th with13+389
22 pipped Mohamed Aabid Ismail431:425and is placed 18th with14+395
23 beat Migara Jayasinghe422:409and is placed 14th with15+408
24 lost to Viggnah Selvaraj371:432and is placed 19th with15+347

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