2014 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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Scorecard for Hemaka Gunasekera (Sri Lanka)

1 got walloped by Aditya Iyengar305:537and is placed 106th with0-232
2 beat Neeraparng Laohavira385:349and is placed 82nd with1-196
3 pulverised Niseni Ekanayake537:111and is placed 32nd with2+230
4 beat Muhd Alif Iman452:363and is placed 24th with3+319
5 lost to Sanchit Kapoor372:499and is placed 45th with3+192
6 pipped Tim Mason369:368and is placed 40th with4+193
7 pipped Supitchaya Tantisiri393:392and is placed 31st with5+194
8 pulverised Rivi Wijesekera576:292and is placed 16th with6+478
9 lost to Paolo F O379:453and is placed 23rd with6+404
10 lost to Mariam Arif384:412and is placed 34th with6+376
11 beat Jithmal Wijesinghe420:384and is placed 26th with7+412
12 lost to Hathaiphat Supa417:462and is placed 37th with7+367
13 lost to Nuttapong Pholthip339:437and is placed 49th with7+269
14 beat Muhammad Ridhwan367:282and is placed 39th with8+354
15 got walloped by Sasika Jayasuriya267:508and is placed 51st with8+113
16 lost to Hansi Weerasooriya348:531and is placed 63rd with8-70
17 beat Ronnie Bennett427:382and is placed 53rd with9-25
18 lost to Ushara De Silva393:405and is placed 60th with9-37
19 pipped Ruvindu Chandradasa368:364and is placed 55th with10-33
20 lost to Alissa Noel323:463and is placed 65th with10-173
21 was pipped by Absar Mustajab365:370and is placed 75th with10-178
22 beat Prateek Wadhavkar403:384and is placed 64th with11-159
23 walloped Mohammed Talha Arif570:365and is placed 53rd with12+46
24 lost to Danusha Muhandiramge396:427and is placed 63rd with12+15

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