2014 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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Scorecard for Krtin Juneja (India)

1 beat Viggnah Selvaraj390:371and is placed 57th with1+19
2 lost to Mariam Arif375:503and is placed 74th with1-109
3 lost to Hiba Saad264:392and is placed 92nd with1-237
4 got walloped by Lambhotharan Yogan301:520and is placed 102nd with1-456
5 lost to Irfan Sabri277:441and is placed 109th with1-620
6 beat Nisalyaa Samarajeewa348:181and is placed 97th with2-453
7 was pulverised by Rohan Kapur351:662and is placed 107th with2-764
8 beat Amna Cassim406:250and is placed 95th with3-608
9 beat Yunus Ismail398:238and is placed 85th with4-448
10 walloped Amirul H Saharuddin426:188and is placed 68th with5-210
11 beat Nethara Waduge323:244and is placed 59th with6-131
12 beat Muhd Alif Iman400:295and is placed 44th with7-26
13 lost to Adhlan Marikar331:344and is placed 53rd with7-39
14 lost to Ronnie Bennett333:432and is placed 65th with7-138
15 lost to Varun Kasisomayajula262:392and is placed 75th with7-268
16 was pipped by Qays Sangani367:374and is placed 84th with7-275
17 lost to Venkataraman Sridev289:366and is placed 93rd with7-352
18 lost to Affan Shahzad325:411and is placed 100th with7-438
19 lost to Amirul H Khusaini313:383and is placed 106th with7-508
20 beat Irfan Sabri399:288and is placed 100th with8-397
21 lost to Danial Faris351:466and is placed 103rd with8-512
22 lost to Thareefa Ismail264:332and is placed 106th with8-580
23 beat Matheesa de Silva431:255and is placed 103rd with9-404
24 lost to Vedika Hingorani323:367and is placed 106th with9-448

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