2014 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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Scorecard for Mohamed Aabid Ismail (Sri Lanka)

1 beat Naravit Nathapukdi419:374and is placed 52nd with1+45
2 pulverised Alissa Noel613:346and is placed 19th with2+312
3 beat Aditya Iyengar459:376and is placed 10th with3+395
4 lost to Mariam Arif279:375and is placed 27th with3+299
5 was pipped by Moizullah Baig379:382and is placed 37th with3+296
6 lost to Arham Abidi322:445and is placed 57th with3+173
7 lost to Jithmal Wijesinghe348:462and is placed 67th with3+59
8 beat Supitchaya Tantisiri480:303and is placed 56th with4+236
9 beat Nicha Chiangkhrua456:416and is placed 44th with5+276
10 pipped Siriwat Suttapintu432:428and is placed 38th with6+280
11 lost to Vignesh Pirapaharan311:365and is placed 48th with6+226
12 beat Ruvindu Chandradasa438:330and is placed 39th with7+334
13 lost to Hassan Hadi Khan349:401and is placed 48th with7+282
14 beat Sasika Jayasuriya423:343and is placed 38th with8+362
15 beat Muhammad Ridhwan519:337and is placed 29th with9+544
16 beat Hayati Rassool447:328and is placed 20th with10+663
17 beat Gayanath Chandrasena402:369and is placed 15th with11+696
18 was pulverised by Moizullah Baig278:638and is placed 26th with11+336
19 lost to Nuttapong Pholthip351:464and is placed 37th with11+223
20 beat Lambhotharan Yogan394:231and is placed 27th with12+386
21 beat Thirandi de Silva407:360and is placed 23rd with13+433
22 was pipped by Hassan Hadi Khan425:431and is placed 32nd with13+427
23 lost to Nelaka Samarawickram351:472and is placed 38th with13+306
24 lost to Hathaiphat Supa389:453and is placed 43rd with13+242

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