2014 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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Scorecard for Moizullah Baig (Pakistan)

1 beat Janul de Silva484:314and is placed 23rd with1+170
2 beat Prateek Wadhavkar442:266and is placed 16th with2+346
3 beat Venkataraman Sridev465:399and is placed 9th with3+412
4 beat Sasika Jayasuriya504:310and is placed 3rd with4+606
5 pipped Mohamed Aabid Ismail382:379and is placed 2nd with5+609
6 beat Mariam Arif554:386and is placed 1st with6+777
7 lost to Jack Durand407:444and is placed 4th with6+740
8 lost to Migara Jayasinghe335:402and is placed 9th with6+673
9 beat Hathaiphat Supa471:391and is placed 6th with7+753
10 lost to Viggnah Selvaraj363:408and is placed 13th with7+708
11 lost to Sanchit Kapoor391:428and is placed 21st with7+671
12 lost to Poh Ying Ming359:405and is placed 30th with7+625
13 beat Akiff Faleel450:363and is placed 21st with8+712
14 beat Arham Abidi467:374and is placed 16th with9+805
15 was pipped by Gayanath Chandrasena365:374and is placed 23rd with9+796
16 beat Hammad Hadi Khan419:357and is placed 17th with10+858
17 lost to Nitya Chagti372:410and is placed 25th with10+820
18 pulverised Mohamed Aabid Ismail638:278and is placed 15th with11+1180
19 lost to Gayanath Chandrasena376:396and is placed 25th with11+1160
20 lost to Nelaka Samarawickram362:424and is placed 34th with11+1098
21 beat Abhijit Pradhan464:314and is placed 29th with12+1248
22 pulverised Lambhotharan Yogan632:263and is placed 21st with13+1617
23 lost to Jack Durand416:464and is placed 29th with13+1569
24 beat Samrath Singh Bhatia387:344and is placed 22nd with14+1612

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