2014 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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Scorecard for Muhd Alif Iman (Malaysia)

1 lost to Tim Mason313:508and is placed 101st with0-195
2 beat Shakeel Akash Amath386:363and is placed 80th with1-172
3 beat Danial Faris409:393and is placed 60th with2-156
4 lost to Hemaka Gunasekera363:452and is placed 76th with2-245
5 lost to Muhammad Ridhwan281:443and is placed 89th with2-407
6 lost to Vedika Hingorani362:477and is placed 101st with2-522
7 walloped Amirul H Saharuddin433:221and is placed 86th with3-310
8 beat Nisalyaa Samarajeewa406:291and is placed 73rd with4-195
9 beat Prateek Wadhavkar389:350and is placed 57th with5-156
10 lost to Rehet Singh Bhatia369:418and is placed 67th with5-205
11 lost to Varun Kasisomayajula300:477and is placed 79th with5-382
12 lost to Krtin Juneja295:400and is placed 91st with5-487
13 beat Sundaresh Sundaragop392:268and is placed 81st with6-363
14 was pipped by Shekinah Giffen302:309and is placed 87th with6-370
15 lost to Qays Sangani366:419and is placed 94th with6-423
16 lost to Ushara De Silva319:461and is placed 103rd with6-565
17 beat Amirul H Khusaini397:308and is placed 95th with7-476
18 beat Muhd Arif Akasyah414:276and is placed 86th with8-338
19 lost to Sundaresh Sundaragop279:352and is placed 94th with8-411
20 beat Hasini Perara334:301and is placed 82nd with9-378
21 pipped Amirul H Khusaini401:399and is placed 76th with10-376
22 lost to Ronnie Bennett293:429and is placed 87th with10-512
23 beat Thareefa Ismail374:292and is placed 76th with11-430
24 got walloped by Hasham Hadi Khan233:478and is placed 85th with11-675

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