2014 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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Scorecard for Nicha Chiangkhrua (Thailand)

1 lost to Nikesh Vinayagamoort352:438and is placed 81st with0-86
2 lost to Janidu Karunaratne363:467and is placed 93rd with0-190
3 beat Minuki Satharasinghe456:321and is placed 77th with1-55
4 was pipped by Tengku Ariff Shah377:379and is placed 83rd with1-57
5 lost to Ruvindu Chandradasa384:411and is placed 95th with1-84
6 beat Dhyan Darshan Gandhi373:323and is placed 78th with2-34
7 beat Sophia Mohammed430:325and is placed 66th with3+71
8 walloped Meenakshi Sethupathy506:290and is placed 55th with4+287
9 lost to Mohamed Aabid Ismail416:456and is placed 64th with4+247
10 beat Chukiat Kamsopa428:371and is placed 57th with5+304
11 lost to Gayanath Chandrasena264:445and is placed 69th with5+123
12 beat Aum Biyani449:321and is placed 55th with6+251
13 got walloped by Supitchaya Tantisiri264:495and is placed 72nd with6+20
14 lost to Danusha Muhandiramge321:440and is placed 82nd with6-99
15 beat Alissa Noel397:278and is placed 69th with7+20
16 beat Rohan Kapur400:293and is placed 59th with8+127
17 beat Ruvindu Chandradasa425:350and is placed 50th with9+202
18 lost to Thavalakshman Yogan340:409and is placed 56th with9+133
19 beat Nikesh Vinayagamoort420:375and is placed 50th with10+178
20 lost to Chukiat Kamsopa341:455and is placed 61st with10+64
21 beat Jiradet Lekhaworakul392:310and is placed 51st with11+146
22 beat Meenakshi Sethupathy440:365and is placed 43rd with12+221
23 beat Danusha Muhandiramge473:342and is placed 36th with13+352
24 lost to Radinka Dissanayake309:448and is placed 44th with13+213

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