2014 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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Scorecard for Nikesh Vinayagamoort (Sri Lanka)

1 beat Nicha Chiangkhrua438:352and is placed 40th with1+86
2 beat Sophia Mohammed371:356and is placed 33rd with2+101
3 lost to Ushara De Silva314:392and is placed 52nd with2+23
4 lost to Hassan Hadi Khan287:436and is placed 71st with2-126
5 beat Shekinah Giffen391:276and is placed 56th with3-11
6 lost to Irfan Sabri313:454and is placed 68th with3-152
7 lost to Nuti Suri277:425and is placed 85th with3-300
8 lost to Thirandi de Silva298:457and is placed 93rd with3-459
9 beat Thareefa Ismail433:359and is placed 84th with4-385
10 lost to Abbas Shabbir311:468and is placed 89th with4-542
11 was pipped by Alif Akmal Hashim360:362and is placed 97th with4-544
12 lost to Muhamad Aqil353:371and is placed 103rd with4-562
13 beat Mohammed Talha Arif382:316and is placed 96th with5-496
14 beat Amirul H Khusaini350:332and is placed 89th with6-478
15 lost to Affan Shahzad315:393and is placed 95th with6-556
16 beat Yunus Ismail405:284and is placed 88th with7-435
17 pulverised Hasini Perara517:260and is placed 73rd with8-178
18 pulverised Nethara Waduge586:202and is placed 55th with9+206
19 lost to Nicha Chiangkhrua375:420and is placed 67th with9+161
20 lost to Vraj Jain360:371and is placed 75th with9+150
21 beat Aum Biyani433:340and is placed 64th with10+243
22 lost to Hasham Hadi Khan316:417and is placed 75th with10+142
23 beat Jithmal Wijesinghe427:328and is placed 66th with11+241
24 lost to Adam Ali363:526and is placed 76th with11+78

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