2014 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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Scorecard for Nuttapong Pholthip (Thailand)

1 walloped Clintia Simon420:196and is placed 17th with1+224
2 pulverised Jithmal Wijesinghe476:224and is placed 8th with2+476
3 beat Vraj Jain401:324and is placed 4th with3+553
4 beat Leon Tan Zheng Han516:427and is placed 2nd with4+642
5 lost to Siriwat Suttapintu287:414and is placed 12th with4+515
6 lost to Yong Jian Rong370:461and is placed 24th with4+424
7 lost to Hathaiphat Supa428:469and is placed 43rd with4+383
8 was pipped by Viggnah Selvaraj402:406and is placed 51st with4+379
9 beat Thavalakshman Yogan462:348and is placed 36th with5+493
10 beat Leon Tan Zheng Han408:395and is placed 29th with6+506
11 beat Abhijit Pradhan417:363and is placed 24th with7+560
12 beat Naravit Nathapukdi440:381and is placed 16th with8+619
13 beat Hemaka Gunasekera437:339and is placed 11th with9+717
14 beat Hathaiphat Supa394:326and is placed 8th with10+785
15 lost to Mariam Arif309:501and is placed 14th with10+593
16 lost to Sanchit Kapoor340:471and is placed 23rd with10+462
17 beat Elvan Yeoh Yan Shin413:351and is placed 19th with11+524
18 lost to Ayshwarya Yapa364:478and is placed 25th with11+410
19 beat Mohamed Aabid Ismail464:351and is placed 20th with12+523
20 beat Christopher Thomas380:352and is placed 16th with13+551
21 beat Nelaka Samarawickram454:292and is placed 10th with14+713
22 was pipped by Migara Jayasinghe440:448and is placed 13th with14+705
23 beat Ayshwarya Yapa493:318and is placed 10th with15+880
24 lost to Victor Gwee387:487and is placed 14th with15+780

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