2014 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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Scorecard for Samrath Singh Bhatia (India)

1 lost to Absar Mustajab425:476and is placed 70th with0-51
2 walloped Amna Cassim457:245and is placed 46th with1+161
3 beat Akiff Faleel385:356and is placed 36th with2+190
4 pulverised Amirul H Khusaini483:202and is placed 16th with3+471
5 lost to Kukiat Khunpanitchot365:402and is placed 31st with3+434
6 lost to Wan Muhammad Akid392:406and is placed 50th with3+420
7 pipped Janidu Karunaratne409:401and is placed 38th with4+428
8 beat Gayanath Chandrasena362:350and is placed 29th with5+440
9 lost to Hayati Rassool348:440and is placed 42nd with5+348
10 beat Pradeepani Jayaseker438:267and is placed 28th with6+519
11 was pipped by Siriwat Suttapintu351:359and is placed 41st with6+511
12 beat Akiff Faleel375:352and is placed 33rd with7+534
13 lost to Thavalakshman Yogan346:445and is placed 43rd with7+435
14 lost to Ayshwarya Yapa331:422and is placed 54th with7+344
15 pipped Naravit Nathapukdi376:371and is placed 47th with8+349
16 lost to Chukiat Kamsopa392:446and is placed 58th with8+295
17 beat Adam Ali472:345and is placed 47th with9+422
18 beat Aum Biyani360:333and is placed 42nd with10+449
19 lost to Tim Mason402:420and is placed 48th with10+431
20 beat Jiradet Lekhaworakul463:301and is placed 39th with11+593
21 beat Chukiat Kamsopa454:272and is placed 32nd with12+775
22 beat Thavalakshman Yogan365:339and is placed 24th with13+801
23 lost to Hammad Hadi Khan407:445and is placed 30th with13+763
24 lost to Moizullah Baig344:387and is placed 37th with13+720

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