2014 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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Scorecard for Shakeel Akash Amath (Qatar)

1 lost to Vedika Hingorani306:341and is placed 66th with0-35
2 lost to Muhd Alif Iman363:386and is placed 87th with0-58
3 lost to Hansi Weerasooriya286:443and is placed 103rd with0-215
4 lost to Dhyan Darshan Gandhi295:379and is placed 112th with0-299
5 lost to Anush Singh Arvind332:477and is placed 114th with0-444
6 walloped Zeena Lye417:186and is placed 107th with1-213
7 walloped Sahel Infas380:177and is placed 91st with2-10
8 beat Dulmini Weerarathne307:276and is placed 78th with3+21
9 lost to Hasham Hadi Khan335:376and is placed 89th with3-20
10 was pulverised by Janul de Silva189:633and is placed 104th with3-464
11 lost to Anush Singh Arvind288:400and is placed 108th with3-576
12 lost to Prateek Wadhavkar316:346and is placed 110th with3-606
13 beat Thareefa Ismail382:366and is placed 107th with4-590
14 lost to Danial Faris283:388and is placed 112th with4-695
15 walloped Afrah Ousmand521:303and is placed 108th with5-477
16 beat Zeena Lye429:232and is placed 100th with6-280
17 lost to Hiba Saad279:429and is placed 104th with6-430
18 lost to Rohan Kapur392:416and is placed 110th with6-454
19 lost to Alice Durand326:361and is placed 112th with6-489
20 beat Nathan Wijayaratne419:271and is placed 107th with7-341
21 lost to Dulmini Weerarathne353:395and is placed 109th with7-383
22 lost to Yunus Ismail296:310and is placed 113th with7-397
23 beat Imadith Egodawaththe354:243and is placed 108th with8-286
24 beat Afrah Ousmand326:295and is placed 105th with9-255

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