2014 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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Scorecard for Shekinah Giffen (Australia)

1 was pipped by Ushara De Silva336:344and is placed 62nd with0-8
2 beat Arham Abidi410:391and is placed 60th with1+11
3 beat Janul de Silva379:367and is placed 53rd with2+23
4 lost to Abbas Shabbir390:424and is placed 65th with2-11
5 lost to Nikesh Vinayagamoort276:391and is placed 80th with2-126
6 beat Hiba Saad354:330and is placed 64th with3-102
7 beat Tengku Ariff Shah326:315and is placed 56th with4-91
8 lost to Elvan Yeoh Yan Shin313:374and is placed 72nd with4-152
9 beat Qays Sangani388:358and is placed 56th with5-122
10 beat Irfan Sabri370:305and is placed 47th with6-57
11 got walloped by Minuki Satharasinghe252:452and is placed 62nd with6-257
12 lost to Lewis Hawkins302:436and is placed 70th with6-391
13 was pipped by Alif Akmal Hashim321:322and is placed 82nd with6-392
14 pipped Muhd Alif Iman309:302and is placed 68th with7-385
15 lost to Ushara De Silva343:390and is placed 79th with7-432
16 beat Muhamad Aqil445:307and is placed 66th with8-294
17 beat Adhlan Marikar351:281and is placed 57th with9-224
18 lost to Ronnie Bennett341:393and is placed 68th with9-276
19 was pipped by Muhamad Aqil346:355and is placed 76th with9-285
20 lost to Venkataraman Sridev279:391and is placed 83rd with9-397
21 was pipped by Mohammed Talha Arif345:349and is placed 92nd with9-401
22 beat Rehet Singh Bhatia382:324and is placed 84th with10-343
23 lost to Affan Shahzad309:469and is placed 93rd with10-503
24 lost to Dhyan Darshan Gandhi311:347and is placed 98th with10-539

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