2014 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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Scorecard for Siriwat Suttapintu (Thailand)

1 pulverised Amirul H Saharuddin581:189and is placed 5th with1+392
2 beat Lambhotharan Yogan484:320and is placed 4th with2+556
3 beat Ayshwarya Yapa389:336and is placed 3rd with3+609
4 lost to Yong Jian Rong365:392and is placed 13th with3+582
5 beat Nuttapong Pholthip414:287and is placed 7th with4+709
6 was pipped by Janidu Karunaratne424:427and is placed 16th with4+706
7 was pulverised by Victor Gwee272:564and is placed 42nd with4+414
8 lost to Absar Mustajab293:400and is placed 54th with4+307
9 beat Chukiat Kamsopa480:384and is placed 41st with5+403
10 was pipped by Mohamed Aabid Ismail428:432and is placed 54th with5+399
11 pipped Samrath Singh Bhatia359:351and is placed 44th with6+407
12 was pipped by Thavalakshman Yogan382:388and is placed 52nd with6+401
13 lost to Hayati Rassool411:422and is placed 61st with6+390
14 walloped Supitchaya Tantisiri478:246and is placed 49th with7+622
15 lost to Jithmal Wijesinghe350:450and is placed 62nd with7+522
16 beat Mukkesh Selvaraj494:369and is placed 51st with8+647
17 beat Hasham Hadi Khan466:347and is placed 41st with9+766
18 beat Alif Akmal Hashim416:318and is placed 35th with10+864
19 lost to Sasika Jayasuriya371:440and is placed 43rd with10+795
20 pipped Leon Tan Zheng Han407:399and is placed 37th with11+803
21 was pipped by Hammad Hadi Khan430:434and is placed 44th with11+799
22 was pipped by Naravit Nathapukdi390:391and is placed 51st with11+798
23 pipped Janul de Silva410:409and is placed 44th with12+799
24 lost to Hasindu Arumapperuma382:449and is placed 55th with12+732

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