2016 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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Scorecard for Aahil Borham (Qatar)

1 Lam Chi Ho Anson291:407and is placed 81st with0-116
2 Anjalee Handapangoda326:344and is placed 87th with0-134
3 Abbas Shabbir212:618and is placed 102nd with0-540
4 Hasini Perara318:376and is placed 104th with0-598
5 Janidu De Silva349:327and is placed 98th with1-576
6 Vershnil Weeraratne262:267and is placed 102nd with1-581
7 Aishwarya Naidu347:245and is placed 95th with2-479
8 Udey Singh394:228and is placed 88th with3-313
9 Jessika Emrit356:364and is placed 88th with3-321
10 Kaustav Bhowmick311:426and is placed 95th with3-436
11 Muhammad Zabir313:392and is placed 99th with3-515
12 awarded a walkover and is placed 94th with4-415
13 Sarvesh Krishanthan300:300and is placed 94th with4.5-415
14 Thushini De Silva335:309and is placed 85th with5.5-389
15 Joshua Ayden Lim338:245and is placed 77th with6.5-296
16 Inuri De Silva453:237and is placed 64th with7.5-80
17 Sahel Infas360:336and is placed 58th with8.5-56
18 Sophia Mohammed355:376and is placed 62nd with8.5-77
19 Matheesha De Silva416:255and is placed 54th with9.5+84
20 Kaustav Bhowmick312:471and is placed 62nd with9.5-75
21 Dulmini Weerarathne290:403and is placed 72nd with9.5-188
22 Adib Mukhriz417:353and is placed 64th with10.5-124
23 Amirul H Saharuddin275:391and is placed 74th with10.5-240
24 Muhammad Zabir364:352and is placed 64th with11.5-228

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