2016 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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Scorecard for Absar Mustajab (Pakistan)

1 Alice Durand397:319and is placed 40th with1+78
2 Adib Mukhriz564:236and is placed 2nd with2+406
3 Migara Jayasinghe440:359and is placed 2nd with3+487
4 Syed Imaad Ali439:425and is placed 5th with4+501
5 Thavalakshman Yogan403:397and is placed 3rd with5+507
6 Calvin Ma381:461and is placed 10th with5+427
7 Jack Durand357:448and is placed 19th with5+336
8 Daniel Henriques394:338and is placed 16th with6+392
9 Abdullah Abbasi406:342and is placed 9th with7+456
10 Ahmed Salik411:465and is placed 15th with7+402
11 Calvin Ma431:309and is placed 9th with8+524
12 Tawanjames Barwell300:442and is placed 16th with8+382
13 Aabid Ismail351:399and is placed 27th with8+334
14 Danial Sanaullah365:504and is placed 34th with8+195
15 Hasham Hadi Khan282:448and is placed 47th with8+29
16 Yash Potnis505:339and is placed 36th with9+195
17 Danusha Muhandiramge450:368and is placed 31st with10+277
18 Nattakit Charee402:388and is placed 26th with11+291
19 Ushara De Silva508:279and is placed 17th with12+520
20 Ahmed Salik310:391and is placed 24th with12+439
21 Tawanjames Barwell433:340and is placed 15th with13+532
22 Hasham Hadi Khan380:404and is placed 24th with13+508
23 Jiradet Lekhaworakul506:382and is placed 17th with14+632
24 Daniel Henriques326:391and is placed 23rd with14+567

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