2016 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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Scorecard for Aditya Iyengar (India)

1 Hayati Rassool425:293and is placed 23rd with1+132
2 Danial Sanaullah405:421and is placed 37th with1+116
3 Chan Long Kei500:310and is placed 27th with2+306
4 Chayanun Nabumrung469:450and is placed 19th with3+325
5 Vedika Hingorani506:319and is placed 9th with4+512
6 Sohaib Sanaullah469:402and is placed 6th with5+579
7 Calvin Ma549:259and is placed 2nd with6+869
8 Radinka Dissanayake364:448and is placed 5th with6+785
9 Jack Durand453:332and is placed 3rd with7+906
10 Janul De Silva386:397and is placed 8th with7+895
11 Sorawit Chucharoen403:435and is placed 16th with7+863
12 Vraj Jain478:271and is placed 7th with8+1070
13 Sohaib Sanaullah468:366and is placed 7th with9+1172
14 Samrath Singh Bhatia397:407and is placed 13th with9+1162
15 Kevin Bowerman435:375and is placed 8th with10+1222
16 Nititorn Laimek463:311and is placed 6th with11+1374
17 Danial Sanaullah409:373and is placed 5th with12+1410
18 Sanchit Kapoor379:382and is placed 8th with12+1407
19 Ali Rashid Khan528:305and is placed 5th with13+1630
20 Sorawit Chucharoen471:394and is placed 4th with14+1707
21 Thavalakshman Yogan466:487and is placed 5th with14+1686
22 Aabid Ismail379:338and is placed 5th with15+1727
23 Siriwat Suttapintu377:402and is placed 6th with15+1702
24 Jack Durand377:374and is placed 5th with16+1705

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