2016 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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Scorecard for Aishwarya Naidu (India)

1 Thirandi De Silva247:507and is placed 100th with0-260
2 Joshua Ayden Lim252:234and is placed 78th with1-242
3 Fortune Ezennia257:264and is placed 86th with1-249
4 Hathaiphat Supa317:506and is placed 96th with1-438
5 Clintia Simon269:408and is placed 99th with1-577
6 Hasini Perara286:419and is placed 103rd with1-710
7 Aahil Borham245:347and is placed 104th with1-812
8 Benita Angelyn Anand270:263and is placed 100th with2-805
9 Hamid Abdi299:239and is placed 96th with3-745
10 Esom Kemakolam282:251and is placed 85th with4-714
11 Janidu De Silva267:373and is placed 94th with4-820
12 Clintia Simon187:494and is placed 99th with4-1127
13 Udey Singh323:209and is placed 92nd with5-1013
14 Jessika Emrit333:333and is placed 86th with5.5-1013
15 Amna Cassim307:367and is placed 92nd with5.5-1073
16 Hasini Perara298:313and is placed 99th with5.5-1088
17 Sophia Mohammed300:314and is placed 101st with5.5-1102
18 awarded a walkover and is placed 100th with6.5-1002
19 Jessika Emrit303:328and is placed 102nd with6.5-1027
20 Muhammad Zabir316:316and is placed 102nd with7-1027
21 Hamid Abdi265:166and is placed 98th with8-928
22 Benita Angelyn Anand323:332and is placed 99th with8-937
23 Anjalee Handapangoda277:277and is placed 98th with8.5-937
24 Vershnil Weeraratne179:149and is placed 95th with9.5-907

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