2016 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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Scorecard for Alice Durand (England)

1 Absar Mustajab319:397and is placed 69th with0-78
2 Monis Khan383:331and is placed 65th with1-26
3 Andra Diana Sandu383:306and is placed 43rd with2+51
4 Vedika Hingorani287:338and is placed 57th with2+0
5 Migara Jayasinghe433:513and is placed 68th with2-80
6 Shekinah Giffen339:384and is placed 78th with2-125
7 Ana Delia Diac314:330and is placed 84th with2-141
8 Brian Po297:460and is placed 93rd with2-304
9 Muhammad Zabir380:305and is placed 85th with3-229
10 Jonas Brown311:337and is placed 90th with3-255
11 Muhd Alif Iman352:403and is placed 96th with3-306
12 Sophia Mohammed405:353and is placed 91st with4-254
13 Matheesha De Silva491:230and is placed 76th with5+7
14 Kaustav Bhowmick375:319and is placed 69th with6+63
15 Fortune Ezennia377:253and is placed 58th with7+187
16 Mirza Taha299:429and is placed 71st with7+57
17 Hathaiphat Supa356:441and is placed 78th with7-28
18 Okikioluwa Hector309:459and is placed 88th with7-178
19 Boris Chung236:444and is placed 95th with7-386
20 Vihaan Hingorani476:303and is placed 88th with8-213
21 Janidu De Silva509:271and is placed 79th with9+25
22 Thanakorn Kongkwam299:352and is placed 88th with9-28
23 Hannah Poole388:291and is placed 80th with10+69
24 Chan Long Kei379:307and is placed 69th with11+141

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