2016 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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Scorecard for Amanda Khan (Trinidad and Tobago)

1 Danial Sanaullah298:422and is placed 84th with0-124
2 Abbas Shabbir367:400and is placed 90th with0-157
3 Anjalee Handapangoda325:295and is placed 79th with1-127
4 Vignesh Pirapaharan434:435and is placed 80th with1-128
5 Inuri De Silva343:319and is placed 72nd with2-104
6 Lam Chi Ho Anson290:375and is placed 81st with2-189
7 Chan Long Kei400:354and is placed 73rd with3-143
8 Ana Delia Diac302:412and is placed 83rd with3-253
9 Radheya Jegatheva333:435and is placed 89th with3-355
10 Hannah Poole345:321and is placed 80th with4-331
11 Vihaan Hingorani348:342and is placed 73rd with5-325
12 Jessika Emrit481:281and is placed 59th with6-125
13 Fortune Ezennia388:438and is placed 67th with6-175
14 Vedika Hingorani380:341and is placed 60th with7-136
15 Ana Delia Diac318:371and is placed 69th with7-189
16 Lam Chi Ho Anson357:362and is placed 75th with7-194
17 Wesley Choy Wing Chi393:311and is placed 66th with8-112
18 Andra Diana Sandu352:334and is placed 58th with9-94
19 Saim Usmani331:369and is placed 67th with9-132
20 Ana Delia Diac396:232and is placed 55th with10+32
21 Supakrit Sae Tao211:464and is placed 69th with10-221
22 Yash Potnis293:411and is placed 77th with10-339
23 Radheya Jegatheva292:412and is placed 83rd with10-459
24 Andra Diana Sandu493:325and is placed 76th with11-291

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