2016 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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Scorecard for Benita Angelyn Anand (Qatar)

1 Shekinah Giffen168:441and is placed 102nd with0-273
2 Vedika Hingorani192:433and is placed 106th with0-514
3 Hathaiphat Supa245:437and is placed 105th with0-706
4 Amna Cassim239:383and is placed 107th with0-850
5 Sahel Infas277:293and is placed 106th with0-866
6 awarded a walkover and is placed 104th with1-766
7 Hannah Poole240:377and is placed 105th with1-903
8 Aishwarya Naidu263:270and is placed 105th with1-910
9 Joshua Ayden Lim299:280and is placed 103rd with2-891
10 Thushini De Silva191:273and is placed 103rd with2-973
11 Inuri De Silva270:312and is placed 104th with2-1015
12 Sarvesh Krishanthan284:351and is placed 105th with2-1082
13 Sylvia Nyawira211:353and is placed 106th with2-1224
14 Joshua Ayden Lim266:242and is placed 106th with3-1200
15 Hamid Abdi197:255and is placed 106th with3-1258
16 Udey Singh286:308and is placed 106th with3-1280
17 Anjalee Handapangoda283:352and is placed 106th with3-1349
18 Vershnil Weeraratne241:386and is placed 106th with3-1494
19 Joshua Ayden Lim353:188and is placed 105th with4-1329
20 Udey Singh297:360and is placed 106th with4-1392
21 Sarvesh Krishanthan176:272and is placed 106th with4-1488
22 Aishwarya Naidu332:323and is placed 106th with5-1479
23 Hamid Abdi284:262and is placed 105th with6-1457
24 Thushini De Silva193:249and is placed 105th with6-1513

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