2016 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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Scorecard for Calvin Ma (Hong Kong)

1 Hamid Abdi530:212and is placed 2nd with1+318
2 Hansi Weerasooriya427:402and is placed 5th with2+343
3 Syed Imaad Ali419:389and is placed 6th with3+373
4 Shekinah Giffen479:288and is placed 3rd with4+564
5 Hasham Hadi Khan359:423and is placed 10th with4+500
6 Absar Mustajab461:381and is placed 5th with5+580
7 Aditya Iyengar259:549and is placed 20th with5+290
8 Sanchit Kapoor349:303and is placed 17th with6+336
9 Tanaphon Kamenkij359:324and is placed 10th with7+371
10 Vraj Jain408:444and is placed 17th with7+335
11 Absar Mustajab309:431and is placed 28th with7+213
12 Ahmed Salik459:327and is placed 19th with8+345
13 Kiki Chung Wing Sze430:326and is placed 11th with9+449
14 Nattakit Charee471:274and is placed 7th with10+646
15 Jack Durand307:600and is placed 18th with10+353
16 Sorawit Chucharoen460:422and is placed 15th with11+391
17 Siriwat Suttapintu368:449and is placed 17th with11+310
18 Jason Tsang Wai Yin463:391and is placed 11th with12+382
19 Qays Sangani473:336and is placed 8th with13+519
20 Thavalakshman Yogan299:447and is placed 11th with13+371
21 Jack Durand336:479and is placed 20th with13+228
22 Jason Tsang Wai Yin275:481and is placed 31st with13+22
23 Nititorn Laimek447:370and is placed 23rd with14+99
24 Ali Rashid Khan411:323and is placed 16th with15+187

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