2016 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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Scorecard for Christopher Thomas (Trinidad and Tobago)

1 Kevin Bowerman332:415and is placed 72nd with0-83
2 Andra Diana Sandu484:297and is placed 39th with1+104
3 Monis Khan465:348and is placed 32nd with2+221
4 Muddasir Memon301:348and is placed 41st with2+174
5 Mohammed Talha Arif343:446and is placed 64th with2+71
6 Sophia Mohammed399:276and is placed 47th with3+194
7 Direkwatana Pansub429:387and is placed 36th with4+236
8 Danial Iqbal436:460and is placed 49th with4+212
9 Ushara De Silva494:275and is placed 36th with5+431
10 Danial Iqbal374:348and is placed 28th with6+457
11 Thirandi De Silva441:432and is placed 22nd with7+466
12 Samrath Singh Bhatia383:470and is placed 32nd with7+379
13 Abbas Shabbir421:402and is placed 23rd with8+398
14 Hathaiphat Supa405:383and is placed 21st with9+420
15 Thanaporn Siriwatt385:281and is placed 15th with10+524
16 Siriwat Suttapintu346:373and is placed 22nd with10+497
17 Qays Sangani371:417and is placed 27th with10+451
18 Daniel Henriques383:378and is placed 24th with11+456
19 Hassan Bin Arshad525:272and is placed 15th with12+709
20 Hasham Hadi Khan309:424and is placed 21st with12+594
21 Danial Sanaullah396:425and is placed 30th with12+565
22 Dustin Brown469:360and is placed 20th with13+674
23 Samrath Singh Bhatia350:388and is placed 28th with13+636
24 Mirza Taha456:421and is placed 21st with14+671

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