2016 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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Scorecard for Daniel Henriques (Trinidad and Tobago)

1 Mohammed Talha Arif441:331and is placed 31st with1+110
2 Aabid Ismail455:427and is placed 20th with2+138
3 Brian Po423:397and is placed 16th with3+164
4 Danial Sanaullah401:446and is placed 29th with3+119
5 Qays Sangani459:284and is placed 15th with4+294
6 Wesley Choy Wing Chi469:272and is placed 9th with5+491
7 Pese Alo463:373and is placed 4th with6+581
8 Absar Mustajab338:394and is placed 11th with6+525
9 Sanchit Kapoor422:475and is placed 18th with6+472
10 Abbas Shabbir532:399and is placed 11th with7+605
11 Radinka Dissanayake467:361and is placed 5th with8+711
12 Kevin Bowerman471:479and is placed 11th with8+703
13 Jack Durand396:477and is placed 20th with8+622
14 Yash Potnis430:367and is placed 18th with9+685
15 Sohaib Sanaullah441:361and is placed 12th with10+765
16 Samrath Singh Bhatia357:488and is placed 20th with10+634
17 Janul De Silva482:423and is placed 12th with11+693
18 Christopher Thomas378:383and is placed 18th with11+688
19 Janul De Silva364:431and is placed 26th with11+621
20 Jiradet Lekhaworakul428:350and is placed 18th with12+699
21 Mirza Taha435:419and is placed 11th with13+715
22 Samrath Singh Bhatia380:465and is placed 21st with13+630
23 Migara Jayasinghe430:408and is placed 15th with14+652
24 Absar Mustajab391:326and is placed 12th with15+717

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